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let’s talk : HOW can WE invest in Real Estate?

Good morning & happy Wednesday!

Last week, I gave you a little background behind this newsletter and left you with what I have found to be the top reasons investors get into real estate. One of my favorite things about real estate investments is that there are SO many different ways one can get into real estate. So let’s explore this:

How can WE invest in Real Estate? Let’s skim the basics…

…Buy & Hold…

These are just as they sound; you buy the property & hold onto it for an extended period of time. Think – short-term gain (monthly cash flow), long-term appreciation. Rent these properties out and ensure they can generate enough cash flow to cover your monthly expenses.

…Commercial Properties…

Apartment buildings, hotels, offices, retail space, warehouses, storage units, etc each of which is intended to generate a profit. Commercial properties can be great because they generate a higher cash flow, however financing these bad boys is a whole different ball game so make sure to read up before getting into the commercial space!


While there is nothing sexy about an empty piece of land, it can be a HUGE money maker. The #1 thing to pay attention to  – is this land suitable for building? If it is, invest, sit back, hold tight, and wait for a developer to build on your land & generate that $$$ for you. Owning land can be one of the most profitable AND hands-off approaches to real estate investing.

…House flipping…

Think – full on house makeover. Thank you to our friends at HGTV for teaching the world about house flipping. Shows like Fixer Upper, The Property Brothers & Flip or Flop have given us an inside look into the world of house flipping all from the comfort of our living room couches. If you haven’t seen any of these shows, turn on HGTV right now and I guarantee you at least one of them will be on. House flipping can generate a healthy profit rather quickly (3-6 months), BUT can just as easily become a money pit so make sure you build the proper team before entering into the house flipping world.


Wholesaling is a true art (that I SO badly would love to learn). You can make a quick buck without investing a single dollar of your own. As a wholesaler, you draw up a contract with a home seller, market the home to potential buyers, and then assign the contract to your buyer, taking a cut of the $$$ the new buyer will make on the deal.

…Money lending…

Maybe you’re someone who has a few thousand dollars just laying around, and while you’re interested in real estate, you rather just do it from afar and lend your money to those who may want to execute the deal themselves? 😊 If that sounds like you, you can become a private money lender! Many investors out there can’t run their business without private money lenders like you. The best part about being a private money lender- you can charge HIGH INTEREST RATES & POINTS. High interest rates & points = easy $$$ in your pocket. Granted, these loans don’t come without risk  –  I don’t want to make this sound like some “get rich quick scheme” – I want this to be real –private money lending = high risk, high reward.

There are seriously so MANY ways out there to invest in real estate. Please feel free to send me or this entire group 😊 ways you have found to invest outside of the above!

Again, thank you so much for being a part of this and please know that I am open to any and all feedback on how this is structured, content, writing style, etc. As we go forward, I hope to make this more analytical, factual, and even just helpful as well all work to build our real estate portfolios.

Enjoy the last few days of 2017!

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