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How many of us on here are on some form of social media?! Whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, Tik Tok (my new favorite), etc, we are all most likely connected in some form or another. Social media is something that attracts people of all ages, interests, and demographics all over the world. It is a POWERFUL business tool. So let’s talk about that.

SO as we do, let’s talk Real Estate, let’s talk 6 WAYS I USE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS…

Now I want to start by saying that I am NOT a social media influencer at all. While I do respect those who are (content creation is no joke), I have learned that you do not need to be an “influencer” to do business on these platforms. I want to share how I am able to do business on social media, even without having 10,000+ followers. 

Check out the 6 ways I use social media for business below!

Most of you know that my favorite and most successful way of finding tenants so far is via FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE. It has worked for us 100% of the time we had a vacancy – which is AWESOME. We throw the listing up on Facebook Marketplace and within minutes the private messages start rolling in. Once we have enough interest, we schedule a OPEN HOUSE and well, the rest is history!

We have used social media to find contractors for big and small projects and we have been lucky to have worked with some really great contractors and… have also dealt with some really bad ones as well. I find it helpful to be able to see what the contractors are working on via their social media accounts. It gives us a real life view into some of their other projects.

True story, we met with one specific contractor over a year ago when we were interviewing GCs for Project Philadelphia. I had met this guy on Instagram and scheduled a meeting with him to tour our property. While he was great, he did not have the experience we were looking for at the time so we did not end up working with him. Fast forward over a year later, I was in downtown Philadelphia with PK & Booker picking up breakfast when this specific contractor saw us outside the bagel shop. He walked over,  said hello and told us about what he was currently working on. I was so caught off guard in the best way possible. It is not often that people go out of their way to come say “hi”, especially when we decided to not do business with him. This type of professional conduct REALLY stuck out to PK & I and he is now someone we will absolutely keep in mind for future projects. The best part is we have also been able to see how much he has grown his business over the past year by watching his work via Instagram!

Social media, especially Instagram & LinkedIn, provide me the opportunity to network with SO many others whether it be other investors, lenders, realtors, interior designers, or people who are just interested in real estate as well! Social media can be the MOST USEFUL and EFFECTIVE networking tool.

Interested in finding a realtor in another state? No problem,  you can search to see who is “trending’ on Instagram by typing in that person’s state and then realtor. For example, if I wanted a realtor down in Florida I can type in #FLRealtor in Instagram’s SEARCH bar, to see who pops up and has the most traction to their page & site. Looking for a lender? No problem, I have 100s of lenders terms sitting in my LinkedIn messages for whenever the right situation arises! Like a paint color you see in someone’s instagram post? You can DM them and find out what it is almost instantaneously. Social media has 100% changed the game of networking and the best part is… I can do it all from the comfort of my couch.

Social media is one of the best ways to seek FREE advice. It is no secret that I have run into a TON of issues with Project Philadelphia. Almost every time I hit a roadblock where I can not figure out my next step, I post about it on Instagram and get SO many messages on what to do / how to fix it.

I am also a member of a ton of different Facebook groups for landlords and real estate investors. Within these groups, members can post their questions to the general group population. It is AMAZING to see how many people are willing to help each other out, give advice, share experiences, etc.  This is PRICELESS and so helpful!

I created LTRE to help share my personal experiences in real estate in hopes to provide value to other investors, home buyers, home sellers, contractors, designers, etc. My goal is to share my learnings, whether it be a success or a failure, so that others can use my trials as part of their own business growth.

It does not matter what field you work in YOU ARE YOUR BRAND.

Another true story here, for the first six months that I had a “business” instagram account, I never showed my face and my handle was @letstalkre. I would post pictures of cool buildings or projects, but never said anything about who I was. When I decided to activate my real estate license and work as a realtor, I reached out, via Instagram, to my now EXP sponsor, Gogo, who said she was so shocked when we got on our first call because she had assumed I was an older male… as a 27 year old woman, I was like HELL NO, I MUST fix this. No offense to older males, I just like being a younger woman right now. But the thing  is, I had no place to be shocked by this assumption she had because I had NOTHING about who I was on my page.

People like to work with others that they are familiar with and can trust. Putting myself out there on social media, allows others to get to know me before before they decide if they want to work with me! 

This all may sound to good to be true… but it all works! Obviously there can be some bad moments that may come along with putting yourself out there. There will always be people that want to criticize or hate on you but you just have to remind yourself that that behavior has way more to do with them than it does with you. SO if you can take on that mindset, I HIGHLY recommend putting yourself out there on social media… no matter how funny it can feel at times!

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Happy Wednesday!

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p.p,s. if you are looking for an online class to help boost your social media presence – check out I have personally done this class and found it super helpful!

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