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This week I decided to look into the possibility of installing smart locks at a rental property. I had never used them before so this required a ton of research for me. I want to share with you what I found! 

So, as we do, let’s talk Real Estate, let’s talk SMART LOCKS…

First of all there are a TON of different smart locks out there. Different types, different connections, different brands, different capabilities. So I took all of that information and narrowed it down to what I think you need to know. 

as in why you might want a smart lock
First learning was, smart locks won’t necessarily make your home safer but they will give you more control on who enters your home and when. This I like. But why else might I want to use a smart lock? Ease of working with contractors, dog walkers, getting your groceries delivered, checking to see if your family made it home, etc. It could also help you if you have major anxiety like I do where I constantly worry that I left the front door unlocked…. a smart lock (depending on which one I bought) would be able to show me that I didn’t and that I am just being crazy! 

as in how some of the smart locks out there typically operate

BLUETOOTH Operated Smart locks
Very common and the good news is, it does not run through your battery life as quickly as Wifi might. The problem with the bluetooth locks are that you can only really control them if you are within ~300 ft of them. So let’s say you wanted to add a new pin to your smart lock app, you would need to be within close proximity to that lock. But that being said, the reviews on these were pretty great, and you can just program any pins you may deem necessary while you are setting up the lock to begin with.  

WIFI Operated Smart locks
With wifi enabled, you will be able to lock/unlock your door from your smart phone, wherever you are. You can also create new users. add new codes, check the status of the lock, etc. It will also allow you to connect to other wifi connected devices in your home. Think…. Hey Alexa, lock the front door. 

Z WAVE Operated Smart locks
I can’t quite wrap my head around these yet but Z Wave locks connect with a special hub rather than your phone. The hub then translates your lock to the wifi router and lets you connect to other “smart” things within your home. Z Wave locks won’t require you to download another app but will instead pop up in your other Z Wave devices. Think: Samsung’s Smart Things (hello if you recently bought one of their QLED TVs like the rest of America) or the Wink hub. Here is the downside, you will have to buy a Z Wave hub and those can be expensive. TBH I have not yet been convinced that Z Wave makes sense over Wifi or Bluetooth but maybe I am missing something here. 

as in what can these smart locks really do
Here are some cool features I found that various smart locks may have.
You can do voice activation.
You can do finger print activation.
You can connect your locks to your smart home system aka your Amazon Alexa or Google Home.
You can track who opens the lock and when. 
You can update the pins for the lock.
You can set your smart lock to auto lock so that it automatically locks itself back up after a set amount of time. 
You can find smart locks with complete keyless entry.
You can find smart locks that also allow you to use your physical key as a backup (I personally like this option). 
You can find smart locks that simply fit right over top your current deadbolt. 
The list goes on!

If you are like me and already know WHY you want to invest in a smart lock. It is time to determine your HOW  and your WHAT. THAT will help you make the decision as to which smart lock out there is the best for you, because I am telling you, there are a  TON to choose from. If you already have a smart lock, tell us which one you chose and why!

Happy Wednesday!

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