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This week we are talking about something that affects almost all of us right now and that is WORKING FROM HOME. I have been working from home for a little over two years now, but even for me, my work world has been rocked a bit by this pandemic. So let’s talk about it.

So, as we do, let’s talk Real Estate, let’s talk TIPS FOR WORKING FROM HOME…

The tips below are based off of my personal experience as well as my grandfather’s (aka my Pop Pop) experience. While I worked from home for the past 2+years, he worked from home for 40+ years so he has way more insight on the matter than I do!

Tip #1 Set Up a Dedicated Work Space
Set up your designated “office” area in your home. This does not need to be a separate room! It can be a desk, your kitchen table, your kitchen countertop, etc. Just make sure you set it up so you can work! I found that before I set up a designated work area I would find myself working from my bed or my couch in front of the tv… bye bye productivity. 

Pro Tip: If you do work from home full time, make sure you do set up a very separate and dedicated home office for tax write off purposes!

Tip #2 Set Work Hours
If you work from home it is easy to hit the snooze button when your alarm goes off in the morning. Since my husband does not typically work from home, I use his start time as my start time! It helps keep me accountable. 

Tip #3 Create a Routine
Routine can SERIOUSLY help your WFH situation feel “normal”. Here is what my days typically look like…

Wake up & caffeinate!

Walk Dog


Get Ready

WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK…. I always start with the my 3 “hardest” tasks of the day just to get them over with

Lunch break AWAY from my desk


Afternoon walk  – my pup gives me the perfect excuse for a break!


Done for the night when PK gets home, or at least I try to be! Our worlds are totally different and sometimes schedules do not line up but I try to base my schedule off of his since he goes into a structured work environment!

Tip #4 Keep a To Do List
FIRM believer in a to do list! They keep you organized, on task and motivated to get stuff accomplished! I always have at least one list going in my Notes app on my iPhone but growing up  I remember always seeing my Pop Pop track his “to-dos” on a post it note or small piece of paper! Whatever works!

Tip #5 Get READY for the day
When I first started working from home, I NEVER got ready. Sometimes PK would come home and I would still be in PJs… I am NOT proud of that. SO, everyday, get ready, put on makeup, do your hair, etc.  As vain as this sounds, this REALLY helps create normalcy and honestly just makes you feel better! My Pop Pop woke up every morning and immediately showered, shaved and dressed up professionally for his day even though he was only walking downstairs to his office on the first floor of his home. He kept it professional, always. While you will probably never find me outside of athlesiure wear (on day’s I do not have in person meetings), doing my hair and makeup is my way of “keeping it professional”.

Do you have any WFH tips for the rest of us?! How have you set up your new office space?! How do you manage the WFH life?!

Interested in giving back?! Please check out the below list of organizations working to provide food and medical help during this pandemic.

Feeding America []
 “This organization helps feed communities and individuals facing hunger across the United States through a nationwide network of food banks.”

No Kid Hungry []
“With coronavirus forcing mass school closures across the country, millions of children are losing the daily meals they depend on. No Kid Hungry uses donations to send emergency grants to food banks and local community groups. It diverts resources to feed kids in the hardest-hit communities. The organization also has plans in place to ensure families know how to find food while schools are closed and making sure kids get three meals a day.”

Meals on Wheels []
“This organization delivers meals to the country’s elderly population. Many of its local programs are struggling with the additional costs of delivering meals during the outbreak.”

The CDC Foundation []
“This nonprofit organization for the CDC is raising funds to help respond to the public health threat when federal and state funding is not available. The foundation said it will use the funds to support state and local health departments in the US as well as support the global response including logistics, personal protective equipment, and critical response supplies.”

The American Red Cross []
“As the number of coronavirus cases increases in the US, the number of people eligible to give blood and platelets for patients in need could decrease further, the Red Cross said. The organization is urging all eligible, healthy donors to donate blood and platelets to help maintain a sufficient blood supply flow and avoid potential shortages.”

Happy Wednesday! & Stay Healthy!


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