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Last week we had the HOME INSPECTION for the house PK & I are hoping to one day call home. While I will keep the results of that private while we are in negotiation, I want to spend some time this week talking about exactly who should attend the home inspection!

So, as we do, let’s talk Real Estate, let’s talk HOME INSPECTIONS – WHO SHOULD ATTEND…

I want to first disclose that every state is different in regards to their laws surrounding home inspections. In some states the realtors are mandated to be there, in some it’s only the inspector who is allowed to be there and in others it is up to the buyer who attends. In PA, it is up to the buyer. So today’s post is for those states where it is up to the buyer.

In states where there are not any rules mandating who must or must not attend an inspection, the choice on who attends is up to the buyer. The buyer picks the home inspector, schedules the home inspection, pays for the home inspection and therefore it is up to the buyer as to who attends the home inspection. 

Should the buyer attend the home inspection?
The buyer should attend the home inspection so that they truly get to know their future home, how it works and exactly what they are getting themselves into. Buying a house is a HUGE financial decision. This is the buyer’s chance to get to know how the home is operating and ask the inspector any questions they may have regarding the make up of the home.

Should the buyer’s agent also attend the home inspection?
My vote is yes. In some states it is actually mandatory that the buyer’s agent attend. But here is why I think the buyer’s agent should be there regardless if it is mandatory or not. The buyer’s agent should be there because they will be the ones to help their client negotiate any repairs or credits post-inspection. I think it is best that realtor has the full story in regards to the home and its’ current state when doing so. 

Here is why some may argue that the agent should not be at the home inspection…
Some argue that there should not be any realtors present during a home inspection because, while they are typically well versed in real estate, they are not the subject matter experts on home inspections and should not be voicing their opinions or any incorrect advice. The worry is that if an agent speaks incorrectly on a property, it could become a liability later on.

Should anyone from the seller’s side attend the inspection?
While the seller typically has the right to be at the inspection (it is their home), it is HIGHLY discouraged for them to attend. The inspection is for the buyer’s purposes and any learnings from the inspection are the buyer’s “right to know”, not necessarily the seller’s (yet). The listing agent is also discouraged from attending the home inspection as this is the time for the buyer to really get to know the property and for the inspector to speak freely on the state of the home, without the worry of offending the seller or listing agent. 

Are there any other parties that should or should not attend a home inspection?
Some may want to bring friends, family, even contractors to help walk through the inspection with them. This is also discouraged as these parties are also not licensed inspectors.  You can walk these parties through your inspection report once you receive it and seek their advice then, but having them there during an inspection can ultimately just become a distraction. 

The only other time I have brought an outside party to a home inspection was in a transaction where we were the buyer and investing in a new rental. I was attending a home inspection on a rental that the NY crew was buying and I brought my property supervisor along. While we manage our properties virtually up there, we have our boots on the ground aka our trusted property supervisor who lives in the area. He is there to facilitate key hand-offs, minor maintenance and any emergencies. Because of his role, it is vital that he knows the properties just as well as we do, so it was super helpful to have him there, learn the ins and outs, and be a part of the repairs we needed to make prior to any tenants moving in.

What are your thoughts on home inspections? Who do you think should be in attendance?

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