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Right now we are focusing on our KITCHEN remodel at Project H. I think we have redesigned this kitchen 10x at this point, but we are finally at a place that I am really excited about. One thing we are in the midst of debating on are the countertops. Do we go marble? Quartz? Granite? or…. DEKTON? This last product was a new one for me, so let’s run down all of the details on these stones. 

So, as we do, let’s talk Real Estate, let’s talk COUNTERTOPS…

Below is a list of some of the most commonly used countertop surfaces. 

Pros: Heat resistant, Durable, Tons of variations
Cons: Expensive, Requires professional fabrication and installation, Requires re-sealing annually in order to avoid stains

Soapstone is a natural stone, usually dark in color. Was used mores in historic homes but is starting to make a comeback in the modern home market. 
Pros: Rich colors, Stain resistant, Heat resistant, Can be repaired if damaged, Antique look
Cons: Can darken color over time, Requires professional fabrication and installation,  Requires mineral oil treatments, Surface can scratch or dent

Pros: Unique – no two slabs are the same, Waterproof, Heatproof, Can increase property value, Gorgeous stone
Cons: Expensive, Requires professional fabrication and installation, Difficult to repair if scratched, Easily stained, Requires annual sealing

aka engineered stone. It was created to be a more adaptable alternative to granite and marble. 
Pros: DIY-able, Easy to maintain, Slabs are uniform so easy to replace or buy more of, Can be custom fabricated, Heat resistant (but not as much as granite), Stain resistant
Cons: Expensive, Heavy

Pros: Easy to maintain, Tons of options, DIY-able, Inexpensive as far as countertops go 
Cons: You can see seams between each piece, Not necessarily viewed as “luxurious”, Not easy to repair if scratched or dented 

Pros: Easy to clean, Can last forever, Can be sanded and resealed if they become worn down, 
Cons: Expensive, Not scratch resistant, Prone to stains and water damage, Bacteria can become an issue if no properly maintained

Pros: Heat resistant, Easiest to clean, Adds to property value
Cons: Loud when cooking, Expensive, Prone to scratches

Pros: Can customize the color and texture, Heat resistant, Scratch resistant
Cons: Requires professional fabrication and installation, Can crack over time, Expensive, Needs to be regularly sealed 

Pros: Durable- can easily remove marker stains / food stains / dents and scratches, Heat resistant, Tons of color variation available, Can be used indoor and outdoor
Cons: Expensive, Limited availability, Edging styles are limited, The designs on top of the counter top do not extend to the edges which I find bizarre to be honest

To be totally honest I have no clue what we will choose. I am between granite, marble quartz or maybe dekton. All I know is that I want something with CHARACTER, and something that won’t break the bank too badly. Let me know if you have any suggestions either way!!



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