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We had our first tenant turnover at Project Philadelphia which means a final walkthrough and some repair work was in order before the new tenants move in. One thing I noticed during the final walkthrough was a cracked window. Now, the tenant never reported this crack to me, and I know it was not there when the tenant moved in. The tenant claimed that she had no part in this window crack, and being that she was a great tenant during her stay at the property, I was inclined to believe her. So I did some digging, how can a window crack just appear? This seems like a silly topic to talk about but a window crack can actually tell you a lot about what is going on with your home! 

So, as we do, let’s talk Real Estate, let’s talk WINDOW CRACKS…

The 3 most common types of cracks can be broken down into categories:

#1 Impact Cracks
Impact cracks are caused by an object hitting the window. They typically have a strong center crack point, and branches extending from the center point.

#2 Stress Cracks
Stress cracks are often caused by major temperature shifts and tend to expand slowly over time. They tend to start at one end of the glass pane and extend gradually over time. Stress cracks can also be caused by slamming the window shut. Furthermore, they can happen when the window is installed incorrectly or the house has settled more than expected. This is where I got nervous. Despite being in one of the most liability prone industries, I HATE liability- it keeps me up at night. So when I saw that we had a stress crack, my mind started spinning – is there something wrong with the structure of our property?! This is a 100+ year old property – do we have a foundation issue?! So I brought out a foundation expert to take a look. Luckily, the property is structurally sound and there are not any structural concerns so most likely, the window as cracked due to major temperature shifts or improper install from the get go. 

#3 Pressure Cracks 
Pressure cracks are caused when there is an extreme difference in outside pressure and the inside of the insulated windows. Like stress cracks, they can also happen if there is an extreme difference in outside and inside temperatures. They are rare, but when they do happen, they tend to appear out of nowhere. 

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