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As I mentioned, Project H is well underway and nearing the end of Phase I which means IT IS TIME TO DECORATE. Here are 3 tips & tricks we picked up after countless hours of decorating, and redecorating our various apartments throughout the years. 

So, as we do, let’s talk Real Estate, let’s talk 3 TIPS & TRICKS FOR DECORATING YOUR HOME…
#1 Hanging photos – the toothpaste trick!
Hanging photos can be a bear when it comes to measuring exactly where you want them to go, where you should drill the holes in the wall, how to make sure it is even, etc. SO, here is a quick tip…

1. Put toothpaste on the back of your art where the nails meet the artwork
2. Decide where you want your art to hang by holding it up to the wall
3. Once you have made the decision where you want your artwork to go, press the toothpaste backed piece of art against the wall, leaving toothpaste residue on your wall
4. Drill your nail holes where the toothpaste is
5. Hang photo! 

This eliminates the pain of measurements, levels, all of that annoying stuff. 

#2 Hanging curtains – the cardboard trick!

Hanging curtains… another pain in the a** task. Here are the steps we took to hang ours….
1. Decide where you want your rods hung in relation to your window – we went with 4 inches above the frame and 4 inches outside of the frame.
2. Find some left over cardboard and cut 2x 4 inch pieces. 
3. Tape these 2 pieces together to form an L shape
4. You can now use your L shape “measurement contraption” to help you mark the wall for your nail holes 

Below is a picture of what ours looked like!

Again, this eliminates the pain of measurements, levels, deciding where to hang something, etc. It made the whole process incredibly painless and easy!

#3 Most stores sell the same items at different price points…shop around!
After renovating our home, our budget for decor is a bit smaller than one would like. SO for a lot of the fixtures, art work, lamps, bar stools, etc I have been scouring Wayfair, Overstock, Joss & Main & Amazon. Most of these retailers sell the same or very similar products so SHOP AROUND because their prices and shipping timing can vary drastically. It drives PK insane but when I am shopping for these items I will have like 50 tabs open on my laptop so I can find the best deal. Don’t get me wrong I like nice things but I LOVE a deal so if you have the time do some investigative work!

Our house is nowhere near done so please share any decorating tricks you may have with us!



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