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let’s talk: THAT 2019 FINAL PUSH

Good Afternoon!

Writing today’s LTRE from up in the clouds… literally I am currently on a flight. As many of you on here know I HATE heights and that includes flying. So I’m channeling all of that energy into today’s LTRE. 

Ever since we moved to Philadelphia (almost a month ago) we have been pretty silent on both the blog and social media. So I want to provide you all with an update for what this year-end has looked like. I had originally planned to take this month off (I know, that’s annoying of me to say out loud) BUT that DID NOT HAPPEN at all, and while I’m tired I’m so grateful for it. 

So as we do, let’s talk the LAST PUSH FOR A GOOD 2019…

so what’s going on?! 

let’s start with…

This project / process has been the learnings of all real estate learnings. For the most part, if something could go wrong, it did. There were SO many times where I had people encouraging me to sell this off to another investor to finish up… While I absolutely understand that logic I am so glad I finished this house myself (with the help of PK and our contractor of course)! We recently brought in a new crew and it’s amazing how much the house has changed and so quickly. Which just proves how valuable your contractors  truly are – they can absolutely make or break your project. As I type this, our contractors are staining the steps and doing touch up paint and then we are DONE…. unless something pops up in the final home inspection (we have passed all inspections leading up to that but you never know – fingers crossed). For everyone who has been following along you know that to finally be at this point is just so surreal. I’ll share the final inspection on my Instagram account in a couple of weeks! After this is all done I will also be sharing how this panned out for us financially! Because while I want to say we did this for fun, we didn’t,  we really did it for the $$$.  We are in the midst of refinancing the property and pulling the cash out now! Which is a whole other event in and of itself. This project in particular sits under an LLC that is under 2 years old, with no LLC income as of yet (this was going to be a flip but we decided to keep it and rent it out), oh and my husband works in bank supervision so we are even more limited from that stand point – what bank would want to lend on ALL of that baggage?! Luckily we finally found a lender that is willing and they are working on finishing up the underwriting as we speak!

With the move from NYC to Philly, I also decided toactivate my RE license down here. It is important to note that even though NY & PA are reciprocal states, meaning I can basically get my PA license just because I’m licensed in NY, they do operate pretty differently! I learned this in real time this week when my dear friends asked me to help them buy a new home and sell their current one. They wanted to make an offer on this property ASAP. I was so excited but also had NO CLUE how the PA contracts were used.  I am thankful for my online brokerage, because I was able to hop into our EXP world and quickly learn which contracts to use, how to set them up, and was able to submit an offer for my buyers within hours. Fingers crossed for them! 

If their offer is accepted we have to order a home inspection for the new property and get their current house on the market ASAP! That means lots of documentation, bringing in a professional photographer and blasting it to as many outlets as we can; the MLS, social media, other agents, etc. Exposure, exposure, exposure! Oh did I mention I am doing most of this while bouncing around between  DC, Florida, Philly & NYC… thank god for technology!

Meanwhile back in…

Just because I moved out of NYC does not mean the work stops there! I have been working with an agent I sponsor, Jacklyn Serrano, to try and assist her in filling her awesome Howard Beach Listing and help her relocate a client from the UK to NYC. This client was a referral from a client I had helped out last summer- LOVE a personal referral! 

I will include the link to her listing here – for all of my New Yorkers on here you HAVE to check this place out – it is absolutely beautiful! AND IT HAS A POOL – A REAL POOL.–2434024593

We also have another NYC agent signing on with our group at the end of the month! Woo

And I can’t forget…

This is where all of the real estate craziness started. We recently had a unit become vacant – we were able to fill it without marketing at all because we have created a wait list for our properties! This particular unit will sit vacant for 3 weeks while we clean it up for the new tenants move in!

To say this has been an exciting time is an understatement. It’s honestly been amazing! At the very very beginning of my RE career I seriously dreamed of the day when we would have so much going on that I wouldn’t know what to do. While this is still very much the beginning of it all it is starting to feel as though we are finally making moves towards getting there… Hoping to end this month on a high note so that we can walk into 2020 feeling charged up! Speaking of 2020… what are your 2020 goals?! I need to get to work on those!

Happy Wednesday! 

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