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Following up last week’s post on my review on SECURITY SYSTEMS with a REAL LIFE story on how they actually came into play the very next day. 

So, as we do, let’s talk Real Estate, let’s talk SECURING YOUR HOMES pt II…

Last week I did an EXTENSIVE review on how RING was just not enough for me and SIMPLISAFE was the way to go. As the world tends to operate, ONE DAY after I posted that blog, I had an alarming incident happen at Project Philadelphia. 

The very next night I got an alert on my phone at 4AM stating that an entry sensor had gone off at the Project. Even though no one was at the house, aka no one was in danger, my heart began racing and I started freaking out. Within 60 seconds, SimpliSafe’s monitoring company called me and asked if I was okay. When I told them I was BUT needed police to come by, they sent them over to the house to check on it. I immediately logged onto my RING and watched the home to make sure I did not see anyone entering or exiting the property. The cops showed up to the house within 4 minutes of the alarm going off. Because of our security systems in place, I was able to watch them walk around the entire property to check it out. Luckily, they did not see anything wrong and I was able to rearm the house from my phone. I went over the next morning myself to make sure I did not see anything on my end either and luckily, this appeared to in fact be a false alarm. 

While I HATED this experience, I do know that we are so lucky that it was in fact a false alarm. And I am comforted to know that the system is up and working as it should be. I wanted to share this hands on experience with you guys to only further back up my review from last week! I had a lot of people reach out after my last post about their security camera / system experiences. One LTRE supporter even mentioned that she was able to help the cops find exactly where a robber was hiding inside her home thanks to her security system in place! Security systems these days can truly be such a powerful tool. If you have any further tips & tricks for keeping your homes safe and secure let us know! 

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