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As you all know, we started Project Philadelphia way too long ago… but the good news is IT IS FINALLY DONE (I will do a HUGE post on that SOON). However now that it is done, I am more paranoid than ever about keeping it “safe” until we fill the units. We have had a RING camera on there for a while but, to be honest, I never felt like it was enough. The batteries die from time to time, and I find it either gives too many notifications or not enough, and it just was not making me feel like we had the best security. So, we recently decided to invest in SIMPLISAFE – here is why!

So, as we do, let’s talk Real Estate, let’s talk SECURITY SYSTEMS FOR YOUR REHABS…

Renovating a home can be a very UNIQUE, TEMPORARY and EXPENSIVE process. After putting in 18 months of work and lots of $$ into this property, we wanted to make sure it was secure.  At the same time, we were renovating this property with the goal of making a profit, so we wanted to make sure we did not break the bank with the security system. That is where Simpliesafe comes into play! Here are the reasons we felt this security system was the best option for us:

#1 Customization
You can pick from a variety of different alarm packages OR customize your own! I chose to customize my own system. We ordered entry sensors, sirens,  and glass break detectors. Simplisafe also has smoke alarms, water leak detectors, smart locks, doorbells and cameras! 

#2 Price
Because I was able to customize my package, I was able to make sure that I was not overspending on the product we chose. 

#3 Mobility
I can easily move this alarm systems from property to property. This was HUGE for me. I only plan to keep this system in place until the property is no longer vacant. So really this is not just an investment for THIS property but for other properties to come! 

#4 Mobile App
The alarm is synced with my cell! With the mobile app, I can control the system from anywhere and I am notified anytime the alarm is tripped. In the event the alarm does go off, not only am I notified but so are my emergency contacts AND the local police department. 

#5 No Contracts
Simplisafe does not require a full blown contract commitment so I can easily turn the system off or on whenever I need to. If I know I won’t be using the alarm system for a period of time, I simply call Simplisafe and turn off the system. In the meantime, I am paying 84 cents per day for continuous monitoring! 

Every home, project and situation is different BUT the above reasons are why Simplisafe made the most sense for us! Do you use Simplisafe?! Or a different alarm system?! Share your experience with us! 

**Please note that I am in no way sponsored by Simplisafe. I wrote this blog post because I truly believe in the product.**

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