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We have been working on Project H for a few weeks now, and one of our “to-dos” that we recently accomplished was removing the carpet from the first floor. We were lucky that there were some pretty nice hardwoods under there so we wanted to restore them as best we could. Here are some tips and tricks I learned along the way.

So, as we do, let’s talk Real Estate, let’s talk TIPS FOR REMOVING CARPET WITHOUT RUINING YOUR HARDWOODS…

When we tore up our first little bit of carpet we had no clue what we were doing. So much so that we couldn’t even figure out how to even get a corner of the carpet up so that we could see what was undnerwnath. THANK GOD FOR YOUTUBE because after a few short videos and a bit of trial and error, we got it down to a quick system. Here is what we found worked best.

(1) Pry Bar
(2) Pliers
(3) Utility Knife
(4) Floor scraper (optional, could use pliers instead)
(5) Plastic Putty Knife
(6) Contractor bags 
(7) Mop
(8) Sponge
(9) Dish Soap
(10) Water
(11) Dry Vac (optional)
(12) Hardwood Cleaner

PK & I tag teamed this project and through trial and error, came up with a routine that worked out pretty well for us!

Step #1 Carpet + Padding Removal
Remove top layer of carpet and padding. Dispose in contractor bag and get them out of the way! 
Fun fact: Your township can help you dispose of this. Give them a call and find out how you can dispose of this in your local area. We are able to cut our carpet up into 3 ft sections and dispose of it with our regular garbage. There are also some places where you can even recycle your carpet instead of just trashing it!

Step #2 Staple Removal
We pulled up the staples in the floorboard with a long floor scraper – this tool is a GAME CHANGER. We did not have it for the first room we did, and I swear to you, once we had this tool, we removed the next room’s carpet in half the time.

Step #3 Carpet Tack Strip Removal 
Remove tack board with pry bar and pliers. 
I was worried about throwing these away because they are sharp but our township informed us we just need to put them in separate contractor bags and can dispose of them with our regular garbage. 

Step #4 Adhesive Removal
There are SO many products out the you can use to remove the adhesive but honestly, after some serious trial and error, we found that good old fashioned soap and water worked best! All of the other products we tried were either expense or SUPER smelly and I did not feel like they worked as well as dish soap and water. 
I would do this part in smaller sections. 
Pour water and dish soap on your designated area.
Rub mop over this area to help bring up the adhesive. 
Use plastic putty knife to remove stubborn stickiness.
Vacuum up with dry vac!
Rinse & repeat until you have done the entire floor. 

Step #5 Dry & Shine
Vacuum leftover dust and content with dry vac or vacuum. 
Side note, the dry vac has been the best $70 we have spent on the house thus far. I am obsessed with it. I linked it up top!
Shine with hardwood floor shiner! 

We did the dining room first and it took us an entire day to do…It was BEYOND exhausting. By the time we got to the living room we had our rhythm down and were able to knock out that same size space in just a couple of hours. It is all about trial and error but this is DEFINITELY a DIY anyone can handle. 

p.s. make sure you wear clothes and shoes you don’t care about because it can get messy!

That is all for today! Let us know if you have any carpet removal tips and tricks.Happy Wednesday! & Stay Healthy!


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